What is Transition to Work?

Transition to Work is intensive employment assistance for eligible 15 to 24 year olds. If you are in this age group, and you left school early, or you're having difficulty finding a job after school, the Transition to Work program can help. The program can help you into work, apprenticeships and training, or education.

Who is eligible?

To participate in Transition to Work, you must be aged 15 to 24 and have either Australian citizenship or an appropriate visa. Eligibility also depends on your individual circumstances, including whether you:

  • have a Year 12 certificate or equivalent, such as a Certificate III
  • have been employed within the last 6 months
  • are receiving an income support payment such as Youth Allowance
  • are participating in another employment service.

Core Features of Transition to Work

Jobs Statewide has extensive experience helping young people. We have strong links with local employers, community services and schools. Our Service Vision is high quality services that develop and improve the lives of young people by placing them into sustainable employment and education. Once registered with Jobs Statewide, you can expect a meaningful, holistic service which is driven by your choices. This service includes a mix of 1:1 personalised support and group activities designed to build on your skills, social connections, motivation and self-confidence including access to our Youth Activate program and tailored Pathways to Employment and Start Monday programs. Activities may include:

  • capability development and adult life skills
  • career guidance
  • access to job-specific training, work experience and internships
  • job search and interview preparation and support
  • networking with local employers
  • supporting you and your employer to help you stay in a job
  • connecting with local support services, such as housing assistance or mental health support.

Program Delivery Details

Jobs Statewide offers Transition to Work in South Australia and Victoria. Contact us for more information on this program on 1300 241 860.