Jobs Statewide has been operating successfully for more than 35 years.

A multi-award winning national leader in employment services, the organisation has built a reputation for achieving outstanding results for job seekers.

We are a provider of Workforce Australia employment services. How we help you…

Relationship Building

Jobs Statewide works to understand you. Your personality, passions, skills and experience and uses this knowledge to help market you to prospective employees.

In building relationships, we’re also honest and provide support and advice that will maximise opportunities for employment.

The organisation’s service ethos ensures all job seekers are treated with respect and in a fair and ethical manner. Services are personalised and tailored to individual requirements.

Action and Future Focussed

Jobs Statewide is a positive organisation. We want you to succeed.

Our aim is to harness your positive energy into meaningful, future focused actions that will increase your opportunities for employment.

We work with you to identify and work towards mutually agreed goals, identify ways of enhancing your employment prospects and support you along the way.

If setbacks occur, we harness these into further positive action and support you in embracing the future.

Leading Services

Jobs Statewide provides a comprehensive range of services to job seekers including:

  • Tailored employment planning;
  • Advice on the local jobs market;
  • Job search training and support;
  • Resume preparation training and support;
  • Access to technology hub – internet, phones;
  • Daily vacancy and industry job matching;
  • Access to applicable, targeted vocational and non-vocational training;
  • Post-placement support.

Specialist Services

Jobs Statewide provides specialist services as part of its Workforce Australia services including:

  • Work Preparation – To provide job seekers with capacity building activities, both in and out of the workplace.
  • Comprehensive Work Capacity Assessments – to ensure candidates are provided with suitable employment opportunities.
  • Employment Creation - Working closely with employers from a range of industries, the organisation provides job creation and design services to suit the capabilities of the job seeker and needs of the employer.
  • Transition to Work (TtW) - Developing and improving the lives of young people, aged 15 to 24, by placing them into sustainable employment and education. A meaningful, holistic service, driven by choice, includes a mix of 1:1 personalised support and group activities designed to build skills, social connections, motivation and self-confidence.
  • Career Transition Assistance (CTA) - To become more competitive in the local labour market, helping mature-age job seekers aged 45 years and over build skills and confidence using every-day and workplace technologies like computers, tablets and smart phones, applying for jobs online, exploring goals and motivations, identifying existing skills and how they transfer to other jobs opportunities and industries.
  • Employability Skills Training (EST) - Exploring career options, and building on job search and workplace skills. While participating in our EST courses, you can expect a meaningful service which is driven by choice and includes group based learning activities and projects, with additional 1:1 personalised mentoring support. We offer both training Block 1 (youth and aged 25+) and Block 2 (generalist and specialist) courses. Our Block 2 specialist courses are tailored to the Transport and Logistics Industry.
  • Allied Health and Well Being Professional Services.

While providing specialist services to people with barriers, the organisation’s employment services are much broader, and this creates greater opportunities for job seekers.