Mission Statement

Jobs Statewide’s primary purpose is to provide employment and training solutions to organisations (employers) and individuals.

  • To achieve excellence in the provision of recruitment services nationally;
  • To provide high-quality recruitment services to employers in an efficient and effective manner;
  • Assist job seekers to achieve worthwhile and sustainable employment.

Our Vision

To continue to build a sustainable organisation that delivers great outcomes for employers, jobs seekers, staff and stakeholders by:

  • Having a national focus;
  • Tailoring services to suit each State;
  • Building the key brands and associated reputations;
  • Working as a team;
  • Understanding the holistic needs of our clients.

Our Values

Being genuine, open and supportive to our customers and colleagues while treating individuals with dignity and respect including freedom of expression.

Our Philosophy

To deliver valued non-discriminatory customer service by recognising opportunities to exceed our customer’s needs and expectations.

Everybody, regardless of disadvantage or disability, has the right to a place in the workforce. Though there are many people who have never held a job, or who have been out of the workforce for a long time.

Jobs Statewide provides specialist services to help find employment for people facing particular challenges or issues.


Jobs Statewide’s governance structure consists of a Board of Directors, Executive Management Team, Management Committee, Work Health and Safety Committee and Continuous Improvement Committee.