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Tuesday 31st March, 2015


Jobs Statewide is proud to be one of the winners in the Federal government's new employment services program, winning a contract to open 17 offices in South Australia and New South Wales.

The new contracts are a reward for Jobs Statewide's high performance and focus on achieving sustainable outcomes for job seekers and employers.

Jobs Statewide will be opening six offices in Adelaide's north and west, seven in Adelaide's south and four in the Sydney East metro area.

Our organisation is one of 44 across Australia that have been offered new contracts to deliver employment services to help people find and keep a job.

Jobs Statewide will now recruit around 130 additional employees to open these new offices and service the new contracts from July 1, 2015.

Jobs Statewide Chief Executive Officer Wendy-Jayne Williams said she was delighted to have secured major contracts in South Australia and New South Wales.

"The Federal government is to be commended for making some positive changes to the program, in particular reducing red tape, a greater focus on employers and increasing the term of contracts to five years," said Ms Williams.

"Our targeted services and programs have achieved strong results for employers and job seekers and we look forward to expanding our services into new areas."

"There's nothing more enjoyable than empowering someone by helping them find and keep a job and it's why Jobs Statewide was established more than 25 years ago."

The new contracts are a significant milestone for Jobs Statewide, which vowed to rebuild after having to close eight of its ten offices in 2009 after the then Labour government moved from the Job Network to Jobs Services Australia.

This was despite being one of Australia's highest performing Job Network providers at the time.

Rebuilding, Jobs Statewide continued its high-performance under Jobs Services Australia and was rewarded in 2010 with a third office in Norwood along with funding for the piloting of a new employment and training program.

The new jobactive contracts will see Jobs Statewide operate the largest number of offices in its 25 year history.


Welcome to Jobs Statewide


                                                  Our Vision

To realise the potential of the organisation by maximising the skills and abilities of our people and clients to ensure continuous growth and diversity

                                                  Our Values

Being genuine, open and friendly to our customers and colleagues 

                                               Our Philosophy

To deliver valued non-discriminatory customer service by recognising opportunities to exceed our customers needs and expectations

As one of Australia’s most successful employment and training providers, Jobs Statewide has been breaking down the barriers to employment for the most highly disadvantaged job-seekers for 30 years.

It provides job placement services, intensive job search training and individualised support, helping the disadvantaged and extremely disadvantaged overcome the major issues that keep them out of the workforce.

All eligible job-seekers can also undertake accredited training courses in a range of industries.

Employers looking for staff choose Jobs Statewide because we deliver.

Everybody, regardless of disadvantage or disability, has the right to a place in the workforce. But there are many people who have never held a job, or who have been out of the workforce for a long time.

Jobs Statewide specialises in helping all unemployed and disadvantaged, but particularly those with multiple, serious barriers to work, including the young and vulnerable, homeless, single parents, migrants and refugees, indigenous and people with a disability.

If you are looking for one on one support to enter the workforce, Jobs Statewide can help – and registering with us costs nothing.